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The Extensive Uses Of EPS

EPS has a high recycling rate and strong environmental story. Many successful recycling schemes
already in place, with a wide range of end use applications.

• Widely used by industry for superb packaging properties.

• White foam packaging for many electrical and electronic appliances.

• Thermal insulation makes it important for packaging food.

• Efficient use of resources (98% air, just 2% material).

• Light weight material fuel emissions and impact on the greenhouse effect are minimised.

• One of the highest recycling rates for any plastic in the UK (15% in 2000).

• EPS does not account for a substantial portion of waste.

• Just one tenth of one per cent (0.1%) of the weight of municipal waste.

• Despite appearances, not a major part of the domestic rubbish bin.

• EPS industry encourages recycling of packaging material.

• Many large companies are successfully collecting and recycling their EPS.

• Once collected, EPS is recycled in a many different ways.


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