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Brookline special Town Meeting approves ban on Styrofoam containers at food service establishments

By Brock Parker, Globe Correspondent

BROOKLINE — A special Town Meeting voted Tuesday night to ban the use of Styrofoam in the town for takeout food containers and beverages.

By a vote of 169-to-27, the Town Meeting elected to prohibit the use of disposable polystyrene, also known by its trademarked name Styrofoam, for food and beverages packaged in food service establishments in Brookline. Read more

Hold the Foam: Styrofoam Containers Bad for UT


Why have students been voluntarily containing their meals in a potential carcinogen on a daily basis? This nauseating acceptance has unfortunately become second nature to both attendants and students for years at the entrance of UT’s Ultimate Dining cafeteria. For only a few simple words and a quick meal swipe, attendants repetitively grant students with crisp white Styrofoam containers and cups, hundreds of times per day. Read more

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