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How to Recycle PS Plastic

How to Recycle PS Plastic

PS plastic recycle

Lower your impact on the Earth by recycling PS plastics comprehensively.

PS plastic stands for polystyrene. Polystyrene is most easily identified by the small number “6” on the bottom of the item. It’s a hard plastic resin that’s sometimes transparent and is made into CD jackets, aspirin bottles and dishware. It is recyclable, but many small recycling plants don’t take it in curbside recycling because of the effort required to process it. Once recycled, PS can become, among other things, egg cartons, foam products, insulation and thermometers.


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      Call your local recycling center for its plastics recycling capabilities. If you have curbside pickup, the center probably sent a brochure with details about the plastics you can recycle. If it takes all plastics — many large cities such as Boston and New York do — put the PS plastic out with your regular curbside recycling.

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      Request an alternate location from the recycling center if it doesn’t accept PS recycling. The center will have the number and address of any other recycling centers that can process the PS plastics.

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      Take the PS plastics to the recycling center or alternate location and drop it off for recycling.

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