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PAFA says China is considering banning some plastic scrap imports

The Packaging and Films Association (PAFA), based in the United Kingdom, says that China is considering measures that mirror a ban on plastic scrap from the European Union recently announced by Malaysia. PAFA is a trade association representing marketers of film, flexible and thermoformed packaging in the United Kingdom.

In a release, PAFA says that a potential move to ban the export of plastic scrap from the U.K. to China could mark the end of the large-scale importation of plastic scrap from Europe and jeopardize the chance of the U.K. meeting new government recycling targets. “The new recycling targets, already heavily criticized as unrealistic due to the lack of adequate collection and recycling infrastructure, will fail even sooner than expected if these new developments in the Far East come about,” says Barry Turner, CEO of PAFA. Read more

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