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How to Select Thermally Protective EPS Foam

How to Select Thermally Protective EPS Foam | EPS recyclingExpanded polystyrene, or EPS, foam is a material used for a wide array of purposes, from packaging filler and structural filler to impact absorbing liners for helmets. The manufacturer can formulate the foam to have various density and strength characteristics. One of the most often seen applications for EPS foam is as a thermal insulator. The properties of EPS foam make it an ideal thermal protection for packages of raw meat in grocery stores, coffee cups and picnic coolers. If you need a quantity of EPS foam for thermal protection, select the right one for your purpose. Read more

The market value of EPS foam

EPS foam is low-cost because it is mostly air. It can be printed upon, so therefore it is a good marketing piece. In the overall viewpoint it is a very good product. It can meet a lot of requirements for our customers.It is an excellent performer as a material. It has not had performance shortcomings that you would find in a paper cup or in alternative plastic materials. The foam cup is a good insulator for both hot and cold beverages.

value of EPS foam | Hasswell TechnologyThe way it utilizes air and merges the beads together to form the insulated wall allows the hot beverages to remain hot without burning your hand or requiring a further insulated barrier between the two. For cold beverages it retains the cold. so your cup won’t sweat as a paper cup may do. Its make-up is very good from a performance standpoint.

There hasn’t been enough emphasis on the recycling of polystyrene foam due to market conditions and the low-cost of virgin resin to produce these products. However, as these issues have been raised.

The alternative materials, both plastic and paper, are certainly available. But when you look at the overall assessment of EPS foam it brings a total package, so to speak, to what the consumer needs. It is low-cost; it is functional. Again, you are using very little material compared to some of these alternatives. It’s mostly air. Its performance can’t be beat at this point. We’ve looked at a number of competitor paper products and they don’t offer the same insulation properties. They can’t be recycled to any great extent because of the polyethylene coating on the inside of the cup. As a result you are paying for something that is much more expensive to produce. It is more expensive to require restaurants and businesses to carry those lines of products. They are not as efficient as EPS foam and, ultimately, they cannot be recycled into other products.

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