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KBM EPS Compactors, the Styropactor

KBM Styropactor include compactor models of MICRO, MINI or MAXI, These machines are to reduce the volume of used EPS (Styrofoam) boxes and other packagings for easy and cheap handling and transportation.



StyroCrusher crushes EPS and fills it into bags of almost any size.

Also for PE foam and EPP

The KBM Styropactor is now available in 4 sizes to fit most purposes in e.g. a store or in the fish processing industry where EPS (Styrofoam) packagings are used.

The two new small types “Styropactor MICRO 1-phase” and “Styropactor MINI 1-phase” makes the Styropactors even more flexible.

The two new types are equipped with a single-phase motor which makes them ideal for use in almost any location, as you connect them to the normal electrical wall outlet.

They can be used by anyone – in any location – also where only a smaller volume of EPS packagings are available.

The STYROPACTORS reduce the volume of EPS parts approx. 15-30 times WITH WET AND DRY MATERIAL (ALSO FISH BOXES).

The STYROPACTORS are made non-corrosive and can be used in a rough environment.

The STYROPACTORS can also be used as crusher, where the EPS material is filled into bags. To change takes 5 minutes.

The STYROPACTORS can without any changes be used for collection in bags of any size or without bags.

The STYROPACTORS are filled vertically. Consequently pieces of any length can be introduced.

The STYROPACTORS are “mobile” and can be used in any supermarket, department store etc. where styrofoam (EPS) packagings appear.

The STYROPACTORS reduce the transportation costs drastically.

KBM EPS Compactor

Styropactor MINI

KBM EPS CompactorKBM EPS Compactor

Styropactor MAXI

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