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Machines to Densify Styrofoam Wastes

Styrofoam Densifiers with Silo System

Expanded Polystyrene (also called Styrofoam) Recycling is not difficult at all. There are several Styrofoam densifier suppliers from Europe, USA and China that can help you reduce your polystyrene waste disposal costs drastically. Available densifiers with capacities from 15 cubic feet of un-densified polystyrene per hour up to 600 cubic feet per hour.

Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam is 98% air and 2% air. How much are you paying to transport it to landfill? If you are spending more than USD50 a week disposing of Styrofoam waste then it will pay you to have a Styrofoam densifier. If you are loading up a van and taking your Styrofoam to landfill think what else you could do with your time! It quickly fills skips and bins taking up large amounts of space but weighing almost nothing: pushing up waste disposal costs. Just think: you are paying your waste contractor to transport 98% air to landfill.

It is a huge problem for organisations in the food industry (hotels, restaurants, fast food), or buyers of supplies packaged in polystyrene (fisheries, hospitals, electronics industry, cruise companies, white goods suppliers). And yet polystyrene has a high price as a recycled product: anywhere between USD200 and USD400 a tonne when compacted. Many recyclers, traders, and Polywood product producers will buy your compacted polystyrene.

The smallest machine which compacts 15 cubic feet of Styrofoam per hour, up to 50:1 compaction, 95% reduction in volume. Density 25 lb per cubic foot once compacted. Huge reduction in waste disposal costs. Easily loaded by hand or via conveyor for larger installations. Variable block sizes depending on machine.

EPS Silo System For Highest Throughput

Styrofoam Densifier Silo

Styrofoam Densifier with Silo

For people need silo systems to enable higher loading capacities. The oversized pre-crush hopper can be bucket-fed or conveyor fed. The pre-crush unit is connected to a simple air-blown system to fill a silo 300 cubic feet in capacity.


The silo can feed one or two compactors to increase the throughput even further.

This is an ideal solution for a recycler collecting Styrofoam from multiple sources or a high volume Styrofoam waste producer who wants minimal operator time.

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