Styrofoam Recycling Project Started in Montreal

Styrofoam can be recycled in Montreal

from CBC News
Styrofoam recyling projectRecently, citizens in Montreal get access to Styrofoam recycling including fruit, vegetable and meat trays. According to the pilot project started by the City of Montreal and the plastic industry, citizens can take their Styrofoam or other plastic wastes to the Écocentre​ in Lasalle where different kinds of plastics are classified and finally transported to a recycling plant.Before this, another pilot project for Styrofoam recycling has been started and based on the success the city decided to start this new project.The Styrofoam was not accepted for recycling before partially because the high transportation cost. However, a new technology which compact Styrofoam can help reduce its volume greatly and thus keeps a lower expense on transport. The Styrofoam recycling company hopes the Styrofoam recycling project can be continued and expanded.

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