EPS in Vehicle

Use EPS to Produce Better Vehicles

Inside a veihicle, you can find EPS used as bumpers, seat panels, dashboards, arm rests etc. Why should EPS be used in a vehicle? In short, the reason is that EPS has the properties of shock absorption, insulation, light weighted and rapid moulding.

Using EPS in vehicles as impact components can provide high level of protection due to its shock absorption ability. At the moment of collision much of the energy is transfered into the EPS parts which absorb the shock energy by deformation. Thus, the impact exerted on drivers and passengers is minimized. In fact, this process does not happen only during car accidents. There are vibrations once the vehicle is started due to the movement of the engine. Since the road is not smooth as it seems to be and it also leads to the up and down movement of the vehicle. With the shock absorption ability of EPS, people will feel more comfortable within a vehicle.
EPS also contributes to the vehicle NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness) performance with its outstanding insulation property. With the help of EPS, it will be quieter inside the vehicle. What is more, the temperature will also be pleasant and adjustable which helps reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner integrated.
EPS makes the Vehicle lighter. Vehicles are basically made of steel and as a result they are pretty heavy in weight. The heavier a vehicle is, the more engery is needed which means more fuel is consumed. By replacing the heavy parts with EPS products the fuel economy can be improved. It is reported that more than 120 kg plastic is used making a car nowadays.
The design process can be easier and less expensive with the help of EPS. To make it more attractive and meet with the aerodynamic requirement, sometimes vehicles are designed with sophisticated surfaces which are difficult to manufacture with metal material. In contrast EPS is easier for moulding and, at the same time, cheaper. Thus the designers can use their imagination to build breathtaking masterworks without considering whether it can be put into production or not.
EPS can help vehicles to be more economical, more comfortable, more beautiful, easier to design and safer.

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